Roztayger での取り扱いが開始致しました

アメリカ NY の ONLINE SHOP “Roztayger” にてANCHOR BRIDGE 商品の取扱いが開始致しました。”Roztayger” は創業者である Elizabeth Jeffer によって厳選された、バッグ、アクセサリー、ワードローブ等を扱うセレクトショップです。カリフォルニア大学バークレー校で美術史を専攻した彼女の審美眼によって選ばれたユニークで美しいアイテムが揃った素晴らしいショップです。是非、ご覧になってみてください。

About Roztayger
Roztayger is an online shop that keenly offers a comprehensive, meticulously selected range of men’s and women’s bags, accessories and wardrobe essentials with the discerning, frequent-flying modern professional in mind. In the mix you’ll find well established labels as well as hard to find brands all whose entire focus is on quality, craft, no-compromise production values and longevity.
Bringing her fine eye for aesthetics which began in childhood and subsequently through majoring in art history at UC Berkeley, combined with her own frequent globe-trotting adventures, founder Elizabeth Jeffer came across interesting and unique labels that led her to seek out the people behind them— which in turn prompted her to open this store.
“Twenty years ago I began building a career in the fashion industry. While working in various roles I have consistently been drawn to smaller, independent-minded designers that don’t follow trends but instead draw upon ideas that stand the test of time– a bit of nostalgia mixed with forward thinking design. The result is products that are timeless, beautiful and infinitely useful.”
*The name Roztayger, is a tribute to the grace, style and artistic spirit of Elizabeth’s grandmother, Rosalind Tiger.

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