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Meaning of making by hand

Meaning of making by hand “手で作る事の意義” をコンセプトに、作り手の視点から道具(アイテム)の特性を考え、厳選された革を使用しハンドメイドで製作しています。革製品の持つ奥深い魅力を追求し、緻密で躍動的なデザインを提案していきます。
"ひとつのアイテムを作る時に考えること。まず、その物の用途とその他の使い方の可能性。適した素材や組合せ。それらが重なる時に生まれる雰囲気や質感。それから、使用目的に沿ったパターン設計と作業効率や生産計画からの考え等々、多くの観点からひとつづつ紐解いて行きそれぞれの役割を考えながら全体をデザインする。そうしたアプローチが何より大切と考え、繰り返し行うことで経験と理解を深めていく。" それがANCHOR BRIDGEのコンセプトである Meaning of making by hand “手で作る事の意義” であると思います。
The concept of our brand stems from passion of making things by hand.  Our design process starts with considering the characteristics of each product and choosing the best leather to match the product concept.  The concept is then embodied with our high standard handicraft techniques.  Anchor Bridge aims to showcase the allure of leatherwork whilst offering meticulous yet vibrant designs.
When making a product, we first consider how it is commonly used as well as potential new usages. Then we select leather we believe is most suitable for the product’s purposes.  There are also times when we might combine a few different types of leather and materials.  This is done in order to explore new possibilities in the product’s look and feel.
The subsequent step is designing.  Designing involves designing patterns that suitspecific usage purposes and requires considerations on various aspects before we can finalize the design of each product.  Work efficiency and existing production planning also need to be taken into consideration.  Such an approach is essential in each design process as we believe that only by doing so, can experience be gained and understanding of the products deepened.  At Anchor Bridge, we persistently explore the meaning of “making by hand”, which is the basic concept throughout the portfolio of our products that we make withpassion and pride.  Just like a sturdy bridge requires a well-thought out architectural design, we strongly believe that our products are a proud result of our great designs.


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